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Berglas Family 2016
Highlights include summer cottage, Eastern Canada and Olivia in Canberra. [More...]

Summer, 2013
Each year the children have 10 weeks of summer vacation. [More...]

Garden, 2013
Our house was build 55 years ago. So was our large garden. [More...]

Snow, 2012/13
Snow falls in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and March in Ottawa. Snow is how we define winter. [More...]

England, August 2012, Page 1 of 4
With stories from the family. [More...] [Page 2...] [Page 3...] [Page 4...]

Easter, April 2011
I had the best Easter ever. By Anna Berglas [More...]

One Day, October 2010
One day my house will be clean. [More...]

Our Toddler, February 2010
Perhaps Alex doesn't always understand why we do what we do; but he sure is getting good at copying us. [More...]

Winter Baby, April 2009
How am I going to keep Alex warm? The winter of 2008/09 was a cold one. [More...]

Ottawa FAQ, February 2008
We've fielded many questions from friends and family in the UK and Australia about life in Canada. [More...]

Life In Ottawa, December 2007
For the first week, I was raw with the grief of leaving friends and our life in London and numbed by the shock of so much that was new. [More...]

Morrie and Sarah moving to Canada
We have lived in London for over ten years, it seems like we're at the "now or never" point. [More...]

History of our House
A general history of the area, and then, more specifically, the history of our house, built in 1868. [More...]

DIY Complete
Renovations on our flat have finally completed and thus we're permitted a small amount of self congratulations. [More...]

Quiet Computing
Now that the machine has been in the living room for several months, the noise, and ugly appearance, were driving the wife mad. [More...]

New Flat
This Victorian villa was built in the 1860s ... [More...]

Eden Project, Cornwall
We were always aware of the structure, swallowing the entire jungle. [More...]

Adamson, Massaro Wedding
It became obvious he had absolutely no recollection of going back to his room after the wedding reception. [More...]

Andy and Lou's Wedding Experience
On Saturday 27 May, at 2pm, unfolded a traditional English wedding. [More...]

We've Moved!
Well, after three years in the same flat we have finally moved. [More...]

Our Wedding
After expressing our love and making our vows in English and in Hebrew, we walked down the isle together to The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony. [More...]

New Format Website
Originally I designed the entire thing using the CodeWright text editor, which is fantastic. I have now supplemented that tool with CoffeeCup Software's HTML Editor and StyleSheet Maker++. [More...]

The W Word
The kindly baker from whom I buy 65p pastries quotes me £100 for a 12" cake. The 'w' word provides the license to charge 10 times a reasonable price. [More...]

The Week Ending September 12
Last weekend, after toiling so long in London, we decided it was time to get out on the road again. [More...]

The Week Ending August 8
Sarah and I are engaged to be married. [More...]

The Week Ending July 25
You have probably read the stories of the chimpanzees and orang-utans that can understand English. [More...]

The Week Ending June 13
I have learned that not all beautiful sights are on an agenda, or a map, or in a guide book. Sometimes they happen to me in the weirdest places and the most unlikely times. [More...]

The Week Ending March 7
I know exactly how many square centimeters my body takes up. I know that if I step into an empty triangle of space, just so big, I can take this train to Farringdon. [More...]

The Week Ending February 28
Justin is leaving for Melbourne on Tuesday. We've known him now for two years and its going to be sad to have him leave. [More...]

The Week Ending February 21
So many people were leaving, it's sad to see the company dwindle like this, but in the high-tech industry things change so quickly. [More...]

The Week Ending February 14
Morrie has accepted a new job. [More...]

The Week Ending February 7
We brought them over to the Queen's Head to check out all the underage teenagers in skimpy clothing. [More...]

The Week Ending January 31
The job search process is never an easy one, there are tough decisions to make along the way, relationships that need to be developed and all this under a constant sense of urgency. [More...]

The Week Ending December 20
We're heading off to Toronto this week and will be back in January. It is going to be great to catch up with all our friends who we haven't seen in ages. [More...]

The Week Ending December 13
Either we've been unlucky or bars in London play crap music. [More...]

The Two Weeks Ending December 6
The mayor needs to be someone who is empowered, by the people, for the people. Like someone who puts up a banner across from Parliament Buildings with the latest unemployment figures. [More...]

The Two Weeks Ending November 22
I don't see what national politics should do with a London mayor. [More...]

The Week Ending November 8
Friday night we celebrated Guy Fawkes night at Coldharbour pub. [More...]

The Week Ending November 1
I heard on the radio one morning that London has the lowest per-capita car usage than any other European city. [More...]

The Week Ending October 25
We darted off through Hyde Park to have a look at the recently refurbished and unveiled Albert Memorial. The coup de grace is the actual statue of Albert, entirely covered by three layers of gold leaf. [More...]

The Week Ending October 18
Last weekend we have had over 100 hits and are now listed with the major search engines- mainly for our St Petersburg entries. Who knows in 10 years time the Morrie & Sarah website may rival the Lonely Planet series. [More...]

The Week Ending October 11
The new computer has also been taking up a bit of our time, not using it, but deciding where it's going to go. [More...]

New Computer
We've taken delivery of a new computer to replace Sarah's aging 486 portable. [More...]

The Week Ending October 4
The New Forest is the largest area of relatively natural vegetation in England, and it's been that way since 1079 when William the Conqueror gave the area its name. [More...]

Sarah's Got a New Job!
Sarah has resigned from DCA after 18 months. [More...]

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