Update ... The Week Ending October 11

Another fairly active week for us. We went to see two movies, C.U.B.E. and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (which you probably have never heard of). Both were excellent nights out.

Friday night was also a blast. Andy and Louise came up to visit us. We had a simple, but brilliant, "New York"-themed dinner. Then we all headed to "Supermarket" at the Monarch club in Camden Town. The music was good, the crowd was lively and the dancing was constant. We left shortly after 1 a.m. and waited forever for a night bus. Realising we would never even get on the packed bus, we decided instead to cab it home. We crashed pretty soundly and didn't do much until late Saturday morning.

Can't forget Thursday though, another real pounder. A bunch of guys from Morrie's work (and an ex-worker) all met up at the Moon Under Water pub on Charing Cross Road. Had a few pints there and by 10 p.m. we were all famished. The nine of us headed into Chinatown for a well-deserved eat-up. The next morning I don't remember what we regretted the most, the beer or stuffing ourselves with the odd combination of dishes.

The new computer has also been taking up a bit of our time, not only using it, but deciding where its going to go. Right now its in our tiny lounge, but we're thinking of moving it to the bedroom to reduce the clutter. The issue is that it will be much harder to connect it to the phone line which is in the lounge only! God we've got big problem, don't we?

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