Update ... The Week Ending February 28

This has truly been a slow week, in fact except for Monday evening we hardly did anything. It picked up a bit over the weekend, but all in all a quiet week. Monday night we went down to Dorking to visit Andy and Lou. We hadn't seen them in awhile so it was great to catch up. They're also great cooks and we had a wonderful meal.

Saturday we went into town for some shopping. Morrie managed to pick up a couple of shirts and Sarah got a new pair of black trousers. Its great to wander around the city and we took the bus down instead of the tube, which is a treat on a sunny Saturday. Sunday was pretty relaxing but we did play an hour of badminton, which was a lot of fun and strenuous.

On a sad note we had a final chat with Justin who is leaving for Melbourne on Tuesday. We've known him now for two years and its going to be sad to have him leave.

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