Update ... The Week Ending February 14

A fairly busy week all in all. The biggest news is that Morrie has accepted a new job. The company is called VideoLogic and they are located in the outskirts of London. The company creates consumer hardware such as PC video cards, sound card, DVD drives and it also designs high-end 3D graphics chips for the performance game market. Their current claim to fame is that they are suppliers for Sega's new Dreamcast console game unit due to be released. You can check them out at their website http://www.videologic.com.

We also had a final farewell to Greg at the Irish pub Waxy O'Connor's. It's sad to see him go, hopefully he'll go through with his claim to return to London this summer. Soon we'll be saying goodbye to Justin and Amanda, quite depressing actually. Greg has been very generous and has given us his TV set. So, we're finally going to have a TV, we just have to pick it up from his flatmate. Sarah went back to Waxy O'Connor's the very next night to celebrate Kerry's birthday. Tons of people were there including Sarah's old DCA work mates Julie, Tim and Joanna.

We went to see the movie Enemy of the State, not because we heard great things about the movie, but simply because we wanted to get out of the house for awhile. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun, the movie was definitely enjoyable.

On the weekend we headed up to York which is a three to four hour journey from North London (depending on the traffic). When we got there all the accommodation was booked solid. We ended up staying in a totally different town about half-an-hour away. York is a beautiful city, which gives you the feeling of incredible age. It has the world's largest medieval church, the York Minster. Some towns in England have really old stuff. Far fewer, though, actual feel old in that you can imagine the town being around five hundred years ago. York definitely falls into the latter category.

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