Update ... The Week Ending November 8

Thursday night we went out with many of Morrie's work mates to a pub in the city called The Moon Under Water. Had a great time drinking and talking. It's good to get into the city every once in awhile. Even though there are great pubs and stuff out of the city, it's still good to become more familiar with the downtown core. There is just so much to learn in London.

Friday night we celebrated Guy Fawkes night. We went to visit Andy and Lou in Dorking where the local pub at Coldharbour sponsors a huge bonfire and fireworks display. We didn't quite make it down in time for the fireworks, instead we met Andy, Lou and the rest of the Dorking gang at the pub. Drank pretty solidly from 8 pm until 11 pm and we didn't have enough. They had to kindly ask us to leave when we were the only ones left after midnight. We stayed the night at Andy's place and he cooked us up a huge breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans and toast.

We spent most of Saturday wandering around lethargically after that killer breakfast. On the drive home we decided to stop off at Ikea impulsively. We ended up leaving with a new computer table. We really needed it because the other table we were using caused back pains. We were on a spending spree and, also on impulse, decided to go to Argos and look for one of those cheap 300 watt halogen floor lamps. Our sitting room is always gloomy, especially in the winter, and this light has certainly changed things. We spent the remainder of the day killing our fingers trying to tighten screws. Saturday night we were supposed to go to The Jazz Café, but those plans fell through and we were happy to just spend the night relaxing with our books.

Sunday was brilliant. We invited Tanya, Amanda and Greg over for lunch. They arrived around 1 pm and we spent the entire day talking. It was great to talk, we hadn't really talked like that with them in awhile. We were laughing, listening to music and overall just having a great time. We capped the evening off with dinner at the Queen's Head with a few pints. Oh yeah, Sarah made an impressive zuchini soup from one of her mom's recipes that turned out fantasitc, everyone polished it off within minutes!

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