Update ... Easter 2011

By Anna Berglas

I had the best Easter ever. Our family hosted a party at our house. We invited 6 kids, who were: Holly, who is my friend; Sammy, Lily, Jack, Eve and Mathew. The first thing we did was draw. And then Holly and I did a craft, while the other kids were playing outside. Then we came out, when we were done.

Holly wanted to play zoo. But I didn't want all the teddies to be outside, if it was just two people playing. So we just got out a few teddies. And then, lots of people wanted to play. Some other kids wanted to play zoo, but didn't want to have the exact routine. So they made another part of the zoo in the tree house. This was not a good idea, because, no matter what, we always tried to make our part of the zoo better than the other team's part. And then, two of the kids in the other part decided that they didn't want to be in a fight, so they started to play something else, and then there was only one kid in the other team's part, so we decided to share parts and work together.

While we were having lunch and dessert, our Mum hid the Easter eggs. We each found the same number of Easter eggs and then Holly, Lily and I went inside. Then I told them Nate didn't believe in magic, so I wanted to do a test to see if he really did. We asked him seven questions and it looked like he didn't care about magic that much. It is OK, because, he is a boy, but Holly thought we should make him believe in fairies and magic.

So we decided to do a little trick on him. We put a fairy sticker on a piece of paper and we glued it to a really thin piece of thread. We were about to do the trick when Holly had to go, so we decided next time she came, to continue the little trick we were doing on Nate.

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