Update ... The Week Ending February 21

A busy week this one. There was an inaugural meeting of Canadian Network, basically a social club for Canadians. The speaker was 'Kid' Jenson, a famous London DJ who is originally from Canada.

On Thursday we had a major leaving do for Morrie's work. We went to a restaurant/jazz club and the food was great. So many people were leaving, and as a result so many people showed up. It's sad to see the company dwindle like this, but in the high-tech industry things change so quickly.

Saturday night Neil and Jackie came over for dinner for the first time. Our meal turned out great and we had a superb conversation. They also live in Finchley and Neil used to work with Morrie, but now he works for Altera. Jackie is a schoolteacher originally from South Africa. Sunday we had Amanda, Tanya and Craig over for lunch. We basically just ate and talked the afternoon away. It was terrific.

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