Update ... The Week Ending October 4

This has been quite an active week for us. The highlight was our trip to the New Forest in Hampshire. The forest is the largest area of relatively natural vegetation in England and its been that way since 1079 when William the Conqueror gave the area its name. Anyway, we went Saturday morning, camped overnight and returned Sunday night.

We also visited Andy and Lou and hit the 'local' with Nick and John too. Alert: We are now on Alta Vista! Search for 'sarah morrie' and our website appears. We're so hip. We're going to try and get us registered with more search engines and with more keywords.

We also had Greg over for dinner, which was great because we haven't really talked with him for awhile. We also headed over to the Queen's Head pub, our local. So, all that on top of Yom Kippur sure made it a hectic week. Keep in touch for next week's update.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have commented on our site. We've had 'hits' from all over the place, you wouldn't believe it. Everybody has been raving at how good it is and it makes us feel great. So far the only constructive comments we've received is to include a picture of our car. We took some pictures of it in the New Forest and will include one when its developed.

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