Update ... The Week Ending October 25

Got back from Barcelona on Monday evening. Had a brilliant time, see the blurb below.

Other than that, a pretty slow week, which was actually quite welcomed. Went out for dinner with Uncle David and Aunt Hessie at Belgo Centraal. Had a great time going over all the missing pieces and had a wonderful dinner (which never surprises us at Belgo's).

We booked our flight to Canada! We leave for Toronto on December 25th and return to London on January 5th. We're hoping to meet up with as many friends and family as possible.

Sunday was a nice day in London, a bit windy, but blue sky. We took the opportunity to walk around Mayfair looking at all the awesome buildings. We also darted off through Hyde Park to have a look at the recently refurbished and unveiled Albert Memorial. This thing is amazing, much taller than we expected and covered with some of the most outstanding sculptures we've seen. But the coup de graše is the actual statue of Albert, entirely covered by three layers of gold leaf!

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