Update ... The Week Ending January 31

We shall start with a cursory apology for being so lax. There is no good reason for it. We've have been too lazy and procrastinating far too long at this point. We're glad that you are still with us and we endeavour to keep this site updated at its previous rate of once per week, usually on a Monday night (London time). Now that these technicalities have been dispensed with, we can proceed with last week's update.

Happy Australia Day! Tuesday we headed down to Covent Garden to the Walkabout Pub to celebrate with a bunch of our Australian friends: Tanya, Amanda, Greg and Justin. The line-up to get in was enormous and after waiting for ages we got in. We weren't too impressed. It was obviously jam-packed and we couldn't even hang around each other to have a drink. So, we didn't stay long and decided to go next door to the Canadian-theme pub where we might be able to have a bit of a talk too. Unfortunately that was closed for refurbishment, and we ended up at the Punch & Judy pub close by. We drank lots, talked lots, reminisced a lot and had a great Australia Day.

The big news, and maybe one of the reasons why updates have been missing is because Morrie is on the hunt for a new job. There are many opportunities available and we're looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. We are still going to be staying in England. The job search process is never an easy one, there are tough decisions to make along the way, relationships that need to be developed and all this under a constant sense of urgency.

The week itself was kind of uneventful. We went out to eat at one of the local restaurants here that we can walk to called Zucherro (an Italian place obviously). It's great having some decent restaurants locally. We also did our usual on Sunday and went for a walk in Hampstead Heath, the weather was not bad at all. Sometimes its hard to believe its winter here when there isn't an ounce of snow nor does it usually get below freezing.

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