Update ... The Week Ending February 7

This past week was a bit more sociable than the previous few. We managed to get out most nights. Monday we went to see Shakespeare in Love at our local cinemas, check out the review below. Wednesday night we headed over to The Queen's Head pub since we were way too lazy to cook dinner. Lo and behold, they ran out of french fries! Can you imagine a pub running out of one of its staple foods? Well, it just goes to show how 'haute cuisine' our local pub really is.

The real fun started on Thursday when we headed over to Justin's new flat. He's staying at his friend's father's flat in a very nice part of Maida Vale. This flat is awesome, and if they were actually paying rent it would run them around 800 per week! We went over there, among other reasons, to give Greg a going away party. Amanda, Tanya and Craig were also there. Justin cooked us a delicious dinner and we all had a great time. And we also found out that Greg managed to get a one way flight from London to Brisbane for 150.

Friday night we went out with a bunch of guys from my work for Sofronis' leaving do. Sargon, Paul, Neil, Jackie, Frank, Wendy, Tirumal, Latha, Chris and Hugh were all there at The Sussex in Covent Garden getting pretty drunk. Most of headed over to China City in Chinatown for a great meal.

Saturday night we had Andy and Lou over for dinner and to stay the night. We brought them over to the Queen's Head to check out all the underage teenagers in skimpy clothing. I think they liked it. On Sunday morning we took a walk in Hampstead Heath; the weather was perfect.

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