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Ghost Dog
The director does a fantastic job setting the tone and feel. [More...]

Kodo Drummers
They are much more than ear candy. For their performances the sense of sight plays nearly as important a role as the sense of hearing. [More...]

The Thomas Crown Affair
The scriptwriters did an excellent job of taking a fairly regular genre and adding enough imaginative ideas into the mix to create something special. [More...]

Notting Hill
I was able to just sit back and be entertained, seeming that each scene was its own little movie, with a plot, a scene and at least a couple of truly funny lines. [More...]

Shakespeare in Love
The story was excellent and well developed, the scenery also seemed to be as true to the time as can be. [More...]

Prince of Egypt
The story is well known, so suspense is pretty much out of the question. [More...]

The Negotiator
The acting was good and I actually really liked the script. It's hard to write the part of a skilled negotiator, but they pulled it off. [More...]

Out of Sight
There is a subtle humour there that is really welcomed and the settings were superbly chosen. [More...]

The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)
Much of the play's sucess is based on the interplay of characters. Adam, Kyle and Bryan argue, cajol, and tease each other and the audience throughout. [More...]

The real shame is that the character development was so shady. Many things happened in the plot, but I could never tell why anyone did what they did. [More...]

The Truman Shown
Going into the movie I felt that there was a lot of potential. [More...]

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
With a clever plot, and pithy dialogue, class and regional nuances set this film apart. [More...]

The movie leaves your mind wandering for days. [.]

Saving Private Ryan
What was really on my mind was "how can you possible fill an entire movie about saving a private?". [More...]

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