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(Morrie) I really enjoyed this movie. The story was excellent and well developed, the scenery also seemed to be as true to the time as can be. The actors were superb, but in some rare cases, their lines were a bit kitsch.

The story is obviously about Shakespeare. The movie portrays him as a playwright that gets most of his angles from his own life. In other words, his 'muse' is simply his own life. In the movie he goes from a writer with no good ideas to the climax of the Romeo and Juliet play, attended by the Queen herself. The ending, and the story in general, is supposed to be a tragic one, like Romeo and Juliet, however I wouldn't call it a tearjerker.

I would highly recommend this movie, you wouldn't regret seeing it. If I had to find fault in the movie it would the way Shakespeare gets play references from things that happen in his life. In many cases these 'references' are patched in and don't flow too well with the actual story. In some cases it seemed that the writer, Tom Stoppard, was trying to show off, making like he's some big Shakespeare expert and will toss in so many oddball references no one even knows, or in fact cares about.

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