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Morrie. Not highly recommended. After seeing the movie Mrs Brown I was really expecting to learn something in addition to being entertained. However, this movie provided neither of the above.

The real shame is that the character development was so shady. Many things happened in the plot, but I could never tell why anyone did what they did. I never felt like I got inside any of the characters to figure out what made them tick, to figure out why they made the decisions they did. I guess details of this nature from the 1500's must be quite sketchy, but I still felt like the characters were robotic to a certain degree.

The plot could also use a bit of a hammering too. There were so many disjointed things going on you couldn't even tell the timeline of the events. What could have occurred within weeks of each other may have actually spanned several years in reality, you wouldn't know unless you were familiar with the facts of Elizabeth's life.

The movie did not provide much insight into what life in England was like in the 1500's. It also didn't delve too much into what a life of a monarch is like. There were a few gory scenes and a few love scenes which I would much have preferred been changed to scenes of everyday life in England. Some more foundation material would have been nice.

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