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Morrie The animation was superb. The vistas were spectacular and buildings were suitably impressive. The voices were also excellent. I was surprised to hear the voice of "Captain Jean-Luc Picard" among others. The story is pretty much known, I don't think I need to go through it in much detail. The movie did end in an unexpected place. Just after they crossed the sea and drowned the Egyptian army the movie ended. I found that a bit odd.

If I had to find a single fault it was that the movie was a bit boring. With such a serious topic, lots of humour is not expected, nor present. The story is well known, so suspense is pretty much out of the question. So after awhile you realise you're just sitting there looking at the animation. I was even beginning to reverse-engineer their methods. That gives you an idea of how thought provoking the movie was. I certainly had enough spare thought cells available to think about all kinds of other things while still watching the movie.

One may say that there was some groundbreaking here. Interpretations were used that I had not seen before in other Exodus books-turned-movie. The relationship between Moses and Ramses is very friendly, not only at the start of the movie, but throughout many of the hardships as well. The odd musical interlude was a bit tacky, but they were OK, and always in good taste.

In conclusion I guess I imagined there would be more to offer adults, but I surmise that this is a primarily children-only movie.

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