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(Morrie) I found this movie refreshingly creative. The scriptwriters did an excellent job of taking a fairly regular genre and adding enough imaginative ideas into the mix to create something special. The main character Thomas Crown, played by Pierce Brosnan, is an exceptionally wealthy and well-respected businessman. And also an art lover.

His most memorable quality is his personality. He's constantly looking for fresh challenges in business and life itself. His latest challenge is to steal a $100 million painting from the New York Metropolitan Museum. His methods are truly astounding, but an extremely resourceful insurance agent, played by Rene Rousso, is on him like a hawk. Through this all he finds a new challenge, one far more worthy than the others.

It comes highly recommended, but it does seem a bit slow during the middle portion of the movie. The love scene is over the top and could probably have been edited entirely out to make an even better picture. The acting was OK, but not fabulous.

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