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Morrie. I found this movie one-dimensional. The plot followed a path which most people could figure out ten minutes into the movie. The were virtually no sub-plots to speak of.

Going into the movie I felt that there was a lot of potential. The idea itself is ingenious. It is a shame that it was not explored further. There were also gaping holes in the logic of the whole thing. It probably would have been better off as an animated motion picture.

Carrey's performance was good, even considering the basic script. Unfortunately the script did very little for character development, and the plot was suspiciously thin. The script almost seemed like idle rambling. Even the last scene, where the audience is supposed to empathize with Truman, I just couldn't.

I guess I was looking forward to even a little bit of delving into the sociological aspects of The Truman Show. I would still call the movie entertaining but the first thought I had when it ended was that the film could easily have been condensed into a 15 minute short movie.

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