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(have a butcher's, it's robin)

Had we arrived in the UK last week, we would have understood very little of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. With a clever plot, and pithy dialogue, class and regional nuances set this film apart. Filmed in London's east end, with ex-gangster playing minor parts, the main characters speak a mix of Cockney and modern English slang.

Four good friends decide to go for the big one, a poker game with a minimum entry requirement of 100,000. Their money all rests with one of the four, probably the best poker player in London. What he doesn't know is that he's about to be taken to town by a cheat. He ends up 500,000 in debt with one week to pay, otherwise fingers start getting cut off.

There are all kinds of sub-plots to do with various scams and illegal businesses in east London and the ending is the culmination of all these plots into a hilarious set of encounters that seem so odd they are actually believable. The movie is funny and very entertaining and refreshingly non-violent. Unusual camera angles and a great soundtrack add to the slightly off the wall humour of this great film.

P.S. To work out what "have a butcher's, it's robin" means visit this excellent cockney slang web site.

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