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(Morrie) Enjoyable, in one word. To be a slight bit more descriptive, I would add the word cute. I was able to just sit back and be entertained, seeming that each scene was its own little movie, with a plot, a scene and at least a couple of truly funny lines.

The cinematography was memorable. My favourite scene was when William (Hugh Grant) and Anna (Julia Roberts) came across a beautiful private park in Notting Hill one evening. Sneaking in was funny enough, but it quickly moved into a beautifully shot park scene. The actors played their parts fantastically and the scripting was never overdone.

I once read in a guide book that a particular city was never overrun by tourists because there was no single site important enough to warrant a swarm of tour busses. However, in the author's opinion the city was so wonderful that you could easily wile away a couple of days seeing all the fine sites on offer. This movie reminds me of this type of idea. Each scene was really good, but there is nothing shoved in just to appeal to the masses. All the scenes added together make a truly memorable event.

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