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This one was entertaining. A few too many cliches, such as the relationship between the Chicago police force and the FBI is so standard I could've written it. The acting was good and I actually really liked the script. It's hard to write the part of a skilled negotiator, but they pulled it off.

Some of the scenes were a bit unrealistic, but I actually found that they added to the overall atmosphere of the movie. I don't expect movies to necessarily reflect reality. Hey I get enough of reality already, sometimes its good to get out to the movies and escape, especially when you get to see someone else who's life is in much worse shape than you're own.

This was one of the first movies I think I've ever seen that did not have a single stunning woman in it at all. There were only two women in the movie and neither were anywhere close to model status.

Anyway, I guess its about time I gave you a bit of plot info. The main character is an expert negotiator with the Chicago police with years of experience under his belt. Well, he got framed for murdering his partner. It seemed that everybody thought he was guilty, no one was taking his side. So he decided to buy himself time by taking four hostages from the internal affairs division. He was going to hold them until the real killer was found.

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