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(Morrie) The Kodo drummers are truly a sight to behold. And I choose my words carefully. They are much more than ear candy. For their performances the sense of sight plays nearly as important a role as the sense of hearing. Seeing scores of arms drumming wildly in unison, dancers in colourful costumes and the muscles straining under the skin make the concert so much more pleasurable.

The troupe of Kodo drummers from Japan are born out of intense training and sacrifice demanded from the few applicants who manage to be accepted among their group. Their efforts pay off, resulting in a perfectly choreographed and highly imaginative set of percussion-based music.

The sights and sounds are so wonderful I guess a CD or video would hardly do it justice. In some cases the drumming is incredibly soft and in others they are hammering away so quickly and violently it is hard to believe the sticks don't go right through.

All I can say is that if they are touring anywhere near you, it would be a wise move to get some tickets. It will be an experience you'll find fascinating. We were sitting on the right side of the stage, when looking down at it. However, it would be marginally better to get seats towards the middle or left side since in some rare circumstances the drums themselves are so big they can block out part of the view.

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