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Master Bedroom

Estate agent details: Immense master bedroom, painted in Farrow & Ball with ornate plaster coving, gracing the 10 foot high ceiling. One large original Victorian sash window, facing south. Modernised by a full wall of glass fronted wardrobes, bespoke mood lighting and wall to wall cream wool carpet. 15 feet by 14 feet.

The Reality:
For the first six months, the vast majority of the contents of our house resided in our bedroom: microwave next to the bed, kitchen contents in /on the dressers, sofa by the window and building materials piled into each corner. When we started renovating the bedroom, mid 2004, very little had changed - all the building materials still resided in our room. Reminiscent of Anna's old room, a huge radiator was falling off a crumbling wall, the woodchip wallpaper was stained and there was a mysterious constantly damp patch in the green nylon carpet by the bed. Once again, we rebuilt the wall, laid new radiator pipes and installed a new radiator, new dual controlled overhead and bedside lighting, internet connection, new skirting boards, complete renovation of the window frames; had the walls skimmed and reproduction Victorian plaster coving installed. It took us the best part of a year, working 6+ hours a day, most weekends.

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