Delhi Street Scene

Our fist stop was Delhi, the capital of India. We walked from our hotel to the nearby Muslim mosque - Jama Masjid. Under the eaves of the buildings, old men sold tea, bananas and spicy cakes. Fleets of bicycle and motorised rickshaws clamoured for business. Riding in the back of a rickshaw through Delhi we passed bullocks, donkeys, cows, goats, chickens, camels and an elephant also using the dirt roads. The few cars that exist in the older part of the capital drive down the middle of the road. It was a bit disconcerting on the first night taking a taxi from the airport, but I soon realised that so many people, animals and bicycles travelled on each side of the road it was safest for the cars to drive in the middle and move over very occasionally upon meeting another car than to compete with the traffic at the sides of the road.

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