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Horsham - Andy & Lou's House

The first day we saw Ava and Bea, we went to a park in Horsham, where they lived. There was an old log that we kept on trying to jump off of at the same time. Bea was always a bit late at jumping. There was a small playground, but honestly, we had more fun on the log than we did in the playground. Anna

Nate, Ava, Anna and Bea jumping off a log in Horsham Park

Brighton Beach

In Brighton, I was looking at really cool stuff, like there was a really big beach. The beach was not like I thought, 'cause it was just rocks. And I ordered the biggest ice-cream sundae I ever had. There was also my favourite movie - Tom & Jerry - in the restaurant. Nate

Nate having a milkshake in Brighton

Paralympic Flame

The 2012 paralympic flame would be passing through Horsham, with a special ceremony in the park. It rained heavily all morning, but the park was full of people, and all the activities to build support for Britain and the paralympics continued, despite the downpour. Tyler Paul, a competing table tennis champion, presented a spark of the flame to the West Sussex mayor, in front of the crowd, the TV cameras and us. We shared in the spirit of the 2012 Games. Sarah

Ava, Anna and Nate at the Paralympic festivities in Horsham Park

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