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Saint Paul's Cathedral

Saint Paul's was really impressive. It had a huge dome as a roof, that all had many paintings. It was a shame Nate didn't want to come. I was very keen on going up all Saint Paul's steps, so we went pretty much straight away. It was amazing at the top, I had an even better view than the London Eye, although it was freezing cold and we soon went back down. Alex had a bit of a cry near the end. Anna

Anna and Alex at St Paul's Cathedral

Frien Barnet - Neil & Jacqui's House

In England, I made a bird paradise with lots of really cool things. For example, a coconut with white bird treats. And lots of bird houses with moss. I made it with Catherine while Anna and Alex were at St Paul's Cathedral. Nate

Catherine and Nate

Knebworth House

The day we went to Knebworth House was one of the best days in England. It had three playgrounds, and even a couple of other activities too, so the adults could entertain themselves. The first playground (my favourite) was a obstacle course. Dad told us we had three lives, and we couldn't touch the ground. The game was full of jumping swing to swing, hanging from bars, and tight roping. There were also the slides, as you see in the photo. I especially liked the drop slide. Anna

Anna on Knebworth House's slides

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