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London Eye

The London Eye was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to London. I had heard of the London Eye. It took a whole half hour to get around fully. Also, the London Eye never stopped. Even when you got on, it was still turning and turning and turning. I could see lots of famous places in London, and even a glimpse of the palace of the queen. Anna

Anna on the London Eye

Camden Market

These robots were really tall and cool, so I wanted a picture of them. I thought it would be a video game place, but it was really a really good clothes shop. And I usually hate clothes shops. The horse sticking up of the ground was really cool, and Alex loved it so much he wanted to take a picture. These dragons coming down from the wall looked really cool, so my Mum wanted to take a picture. Nate

Anna and Nate in front of Cyberdog in Camden Market

London Transport Museum

I liked the trains.......'cause they had a cool front.....the engine. It was a very cool train ride. Some of the cabins we could go inside. There was one new train, but I didn't know how many [old] trains there were. And one bus we could drive in and there was just the front, not a back. You couldn't hop in the back. There wasn't a back, just a wall there. Alex

Alex in the London Transport Museum

Covent Garden

I was glad that we knew our way around. Knew which tube to catch, which sites would engage the children, and where to look for a bathroom. When last in London, the children where in pushchairs. Although this was painful on buses and trains, we did move along at an adult's pace. Covent Garden, on a hot Saturday afternoon, was full of so many wonders that moved very slowly down the lanes; stopping to appreciate railings, signs, buskers and small fountains that had never previously been of note. Morrie and I were calm, simply enjoyed being part again of the city we loved. Sarah

Alex, Nate and Morrie in Covent Garden market

King's Cross Station

London was mostly as we had left it. The drive from Heathrow, the lanes of Covent Garden, and fields of Hampstead Heath were completed unchanged. However, we were surprised by the new skyscraper, the Shard, which altered London's skyline. King's Cross Station, see photo, was now unrecognisably modern and clean. Tottenham Court Road tube station was a large hole in the ground as work on CrossRail had commenced and Kentish Town had been greatly gentrified, with a Pret Manger opposite the tube stop and the Iceland replaced by a Sainsbury Metro. Sarah

King's Cross station

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