The Kids ... September 2005

My Clients, by Sarah

Nate - He has Martin Clunes ears and complete lack of eyebrows, but he's not bad looking. He laughs really easily and is quite relaxed about deadlines, letting things slip for 10-20 minutes before complaining. He does have a strange tendency to call early meetings - usually 6am starts and occasionally needs to be dissuaded from scheduling 2 hour teleconf at 3am.

He is into creative campaigns and will often grab an idea with both hands (and foot) and really chew it over. Other times he needs to be won over with food (warm milk does wonders at a tough meeting). In fact, my only complaint about one of my favourite clients is his demand for team availability 24/7 - probably for the next 18 years.

Anna - As a longstanding client, Anna is a little more challenging. Her briefs are exacting and if the SMART objectives are not delivered to her complete satisfaction, she will flip. Sometime her demands are just not feasible, so we begin negotiations. Occasionally we reach a stalemate and need to reconvene in the "naughty corner" office.

But, she is great fun to work with. When she gets excited about a campaign she'll literally dance (and sing) with joy. She laughs and her whole body laughs: her dark eyes, dark curls and petite frame. In the past 6 months, we've successfully delivered 3 best practice campaigns - toilet training, nursery and falling asleep alone - and feel very confident about retaining the account beyond 2005.

Nate lying on grass smiling
Happy life.

Nate siting in Bumbo in hallway at home
"If I do a wee now you're in big trouble"

Nate lying on sheepskin in living room
"Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me?"

Anna peeking out from sofa smiling
Playing peek-a-boo: Nate's favourite game.

Nate and Anna at dining table talking to each other
Anna and Nate debating the relative merits of the "constitutional monarchy" form of government.

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