The Kids ... June 2005

Daddy was home on paternity leave until June 13th. We celebrated Daddy's birthday with a trip to the London Zoo and some cake. We also managed to fit in a trip to the Transport Museum.

Mummy, Anna and Nate playing on sofa
Mummy learning to juggle a two-year old and a newborn.

Nate in cot with Grandad's mobile
Nate sleeping in his cot with a beautiful sunbeam from the window.

Nate in rocker
Nate in one of his favourite places: the rocker.

Andy McMeeking holding Nate
Andy and Louise came by for the afternoon and Nate cooperated by letting them pick him up without any complaint.

Louise McMeeking holding Nate
Louise, due soon with her second child is remembering just how small and light they are.

Anna and Nate on the sofa
See, Anna's not totally against her baby brother being around.

Mummy and Nate on the tube
Nate's first trip on the tube.

Anna at the Transport Museum
Anna running around the train display at the Transport Museum.

Anna at the Transport Museum
Anna playing one of her favourite games: "Where're we going now?"

Daddy holding Anna and Nate at the London Zoo
At the London Zoo for Daddy's birthday.

Anna at the London Zoo
Anna in the Children's Zoo section of the London Zoo.

Bathing Nate in the bathroom sink
Until a more suitable baby bath is purchased, I'm chucking Nate into the bathroom sink.

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