Birth of Nathan Saul Berglas

Nathan was born at the University College Hospital, London at 9:36 am May 28, 2005 weighing 3850 grams.

These photos are displayed chronologically, two in the hospital and the rest at home.

Anna holding Nate on her lap
Of course what's really on Anna's mind is this: Mummy, when will this lump be removed from my lap?

Nate sleeping, looking angelic
This is about as angelic and good looking our baby can realistically get at less than 24 hours old. Not bad, eh?

Nate in rocker
Slightly better lighting arrangement can be made at home, as shown here.

Nate propped up in corner of red sofa
Taken just moments before a nice faceplant into the sofa.

Nate sitting up in rocker
He seems to perk up a little bit when propped up.

Sarah holding up Nate in her arms
This shot gives a good impression of his size.

Nate sleeping in rocker
As with most babies, in the early days he was sleeping well over 20 hours a day.

Morrie showing Nate book
Teaching the fine art of reading. Unsuccessfully.

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