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Hi Sarah! Congratulations on your beautiful new addition to the Berglas family, he sssoooo cute! I saw a couple of photos from Nanna of him as a VERY new born and being able to see him a month on looking like a lil' bundle of cuteness is great - love the site, get to see him and darling Anna whenever I like! I hope you and Morrie are enjoying a full house, and congratulate you both on two beautiful healthy kids.
Love from your Aussie cousin Bridgexx

Bridgette Peaurt <>
GEELONG, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA - Friday, July 08, 2005 at 03:01:13 (BST)
Congrats on wee Nathan! I'm just amazingly happy for all of you. :)

By the way, is there a current e-mail address I can use to reach you? I tried, but wasn't sure if it got through.

Kim Fawcett <>
Waterloo, ON Canada - Thursday, July 07, 2005 at 18:20:11 (BST)
Hi Sarah and Morrie: I thoroughly enjoyed reading your new update on DIY. I don't know when you found the time to compose it. It was exceptionaly interesting and amusing. Can't wait to see the real thing.
Mom and Dad

Mary and Harry
- Monday, July 04, 2005 at 11:39:26 (BST)
Hi Morrie, Sarah, Anna and Nate

I love the new pictures!! I am due in 3 weeks!! 85% chance for another boy. Thanks for the announcement card. I sent a package for Nate - let me know when it arrives.


The Gemmellians <>
Merrimack, NH United States - Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 22:34:06 (BST)
Mazel Tov to You both and Anna on the arrivel of little Nathan. I look forward to meeting both kids in September.

Incidentally, Morrie, I finally met Steven.

See you soon,

Michael Heitner <>
Ottawa, Ontario Canada - Monday, June 27, 2005 at 23:57:30 (BST)
My grandmother was Sarah Berglas!She married Jakov Stein.The lived in Ryglice.
There were 6 children.My mother was the eldest daughter

leo schinning <>
eindhoven, netherlands - Monday, June 27, 2005 at 20:13:33 (BST)
Hello Sarah, Morrie,Anna & little Nate,

A wonderful site to look at, I really enjoyed reading about what you have been up to. The kids look like they are going really well, fantastic photos of them both!
(and I have to say that you haven't changed a bit!)

Just wanted to say Thanks for the site and hope you are all well!

Dani Hasthorpe (Airey)

Dani Hasthorpe (Airey) <>
Traralgon, Victoria Australia - Sunday, June 19, 2005 at 04:42:41 (BST)
CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of your new little man. He's just a little darling. Hope Anna is relishing her new role as the BIG Sister and that Sarah & baby are doing well.

love to you all from the willson's in Canada!

tricia willson <>
toronto, on canada - Friday, June 10, 2005 at 20:14:43 (BST)
Hi Morrie / Sarah,

It's been ages since we've been in touch, and I'd love to hear news from you and what's been happening. Also if you ever need relaxing weekend - come on over to Prague!

Will be over to UK at Christmas and hope to see everyone then!



Hugh Eland <>
Prague, Cz - Friday, June 10, 2005 at 10:35:59 (BST)
Sarah and Morrie-

Has the newest Berglas made his or her arrival yet? Can't wait to here your news! Drop us a note and let us know how you all are.

Miss you,

Emily and Brian (and Abby)!

Emily Denney <>
Wilmington, Delaware USA - Monday, May 23, 2005 at 00:09:50 (BST)
What a wonderful idea! Now I can see and hear what you're all up to without the delays of snail mail! Loving the photos, soon there will be a new addition to the Berglas family...very exciting, can't wait to see the photos of the little man! Hope you're all well xx.
Lots of love,

Bridgette PEAURT <>
Geelong, Victoria Australia - Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 23:56:40 (GMT)
What a lovely site to visit. Shall take Nanna through the paces and show her how to get "netted". Thinking of you both and hope that the pregnancy is going along nicely. How long to go now?

Am travelling to Canberra next week to spend a few days. Looking forward to dinner with Peter and Heather on the Friday night.

Take Care and thanks for the lovely Christmas Card and lovely letter. I was really crook for about a month over Christmas and New Year, so did not send one card out. Sorry, very slack.

Love from Margaret.

Margaret Peaurt <>
Geelong, Victoria Australia - Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 00:13:12 (GMT)
Hi Morrie and Sarah; It was great to see your new update. Your pictures brought back wonderful memories. We miss you guys alot and look forward to seeing you after the new baby comes along.
Mom and Dad

Mary and Harry Berglas
- Tuesday, February 22, 2005 at 12:14:23 (GMT)
Lots of love - we are so pleased to see your lovely pictures on the website and look forward to seeing you in London this year.



Peter McDermott
- Sunday, February 20, 2005 at 06:27:32 (GMT)
Hi Sarah & Morrie:

I was looking up the name Berglas and came across your website. I don't know if we're related probably way way back. I know there was a woolen mill in Germany and they emigrated to the USA. There was also a gynocologist in Austria - I believe he is deceased.

Rachel is beautiful.

Best of everything. PegB

Peggy Berglas <>
Fullerton, CA USA - Friday, January 14, 2005 at 18:17:57 (GMT)
Sarah Dowden <>
Si.Johns , Newfoundland Canada - Wednesday, June 16, 2004 at 21:01:40 (BST)
Hi Morrie and Sarah,

Glad to see you've updated your website with those great Florida pictures. It was a wonderful vacation and we were so happy to see you. I mailed you a pile of photos this past weekend, so you should be receiving them soon. Take care, love Dani and Marlene.

Dani <>
Montreal, Canada - Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at 19:37:44 (BST)
Hi, My Compliments! You have a wonderful site!!! Keep up the great work you have been doing. Good luck!
USA - Thursday, March 18, 2004 at 18:54:07 (GMT)
By chance, I came across your site and I am thrilled to catch up with what has become of you, developing family , travels and news. Next time you are in London, if you have time, do get in touch and we can all go off and have tea together, It is always intersting to see what becomes of couples for whom I have officiated.

Best wishes,


Rabbi Guy Hall <>
London, UK - Tuesday, February 03, 2004 at 22:05:33 (GMT)
It is so great to see this site so often updated. Anna is looking like an adorable little girl - not a baby anymore. Looks like a fun Christmas! Really looking forward to spending a christmas together soon!!
Work is fine, summer is excellent, I am moving house again - the last one was a temporary stay. Only just found it on Saturday, and paying deposit today, so early stages but it is in the heart of Bondi Junction, now the home of the largest shopping complex in the southern hemisphere (allegedly), and about 6 months from completion. More importantly, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lounge, kitchen, dining, 2 x 2.5m x 5m balconies @ $370/wk. Who said you can't live well affordably in Sydney?
Off with Mum, Dad, Liz, Duncan and Derek to Robyn's wedding at the end of this month, so will send photos.
As always, thinking of you all and love you lots,
PS> (Love the PS) Have a cup of tea for me, who will play mother?

Katherine McDermott
- Tuesday, January 20, 2004 at 00:07:40 (GMT)
Hi Sarah and Morrie; Absolutely loved your updated web page. Anna has grown so much and is such a young lady now. She is as beautiful as ever. Seeing those pictures makes us miss you even more. Got a peek at your new bathroom and from what we can see,it is fantastic. Take care and lots of love from Mom and Dad.
Mary and Harry
- Sunday, January 04, 2004 at 03:46:13 (GMT)
Hi guys. As usual a great website. Anna is just goreous - great smile! You must both be very proud - you look very contented. Hope you are all well. Everything is as usual here. We are feeling old though - 30 now!! Keep well & we'll be in touch soon, love Amanda & Tan
Amanda & Tanya <>
Sydney, - Saturday, October 04, 2003 at 11:53:06 (BST)
Long Time no speak.

I like the pictures. Happy Birthday to Anna.


Michael Heitner <>
Waltham, MA USA - Wednesday, August 20, 2003 at 04:11:26 (BST)
hello from your rather drunken auntie!! Its your father's influence.
Anna pics are fab she's a wee pet

Susan Leggatt <>
- Thursday, July 10, 2003 at 21:57:59 (BST)
Maxine and Harvey say hi from sunny Florida. Don't know how Sarah and Anna put up with Harry and Mary for 4 days. We've been here 2 days and are ready to leave.....but not for another 9 days.
Heard Anna and Sarah had a great time in Boca. Your parents are still smiling with naches.

Harvey and Maxine <>
Wed, 12 Mar 03
Berglas is an unusual name so I thought I'd check to see if we were related. My family orignially came from Austria neer the now Polish border.

Damien Berglas <damien.berglas[NO SPAM]>
Wed, 12 Feb 03
Sarah, It's me - Rachna. Just saw the website! I'm extremely it!
Anna looks like a little angel....Thnx for letting me the way that's a great job done on ur kitchen - am impressed.
Well take care...speak soon.

Rachna Mantri <>
Mon, 27 Jan 03
Just dropped by after doing a search for KODO Drummers. In February I will be seeing them for the 4th time. Everything you said about them is true. I think my kids enjoy them more than I do. I am taking a business trip to Japan next week and hoped I might be able to visit their home but it appears their website is no longer.
Brian Mahagan <>
Wed, 22 Jan 03
Thanks for the prompt udate. Anna is absolutely adorable. Sarah, your vivid description of life with a newborn made for a thoroughly enjoyable read. enjoy, it gets better every day.
Mon, 4 Nov 02
Enjoy your site. Please put Anna down long enough to update with new pictures from your trip.
Rhona and Syd < >
Sat, 2 Nov 02
Hi Morrie and Sarah
Congratulations. The baby is so cute. Can't remember if we told you that we are expecting next year (January 9th). Please send me your home address and phone number.
Jennifer and James Gemmell
New Hampshire, USA <>
Fri, 13 Sep 02
Dear Sarah and Morrie, congrats on your daughter who looks absolutely delightful. What clever people you are. Sarah, your Dad tells us that you are coming down under for a real Aussie Christmas, it will be fabulous to catch up with you all, especially Anna.
Until then, take care of yourselves, all our love from Geelong, Sue, Leigh, Reub, Lou and James.

Sue Dicker <>
Wed, 11 Sep 02
Hi Sarah,
Congratulations on your new baby, the photos are lovely!
I left a message in this guestbook at the start of the year, but I've just realised that I put a dot instead of an underscore in my email address, so if you tried to reply it would have bounced. I've got it right this time - I've tested it!
Andrea Mettenmeyer (Gullock)

Andrea Mettenmeyer (Gullock) <>
Thu, 5 Sep 02
give me a call - i do not have your number or address and we need to catch up!
Hope you guys are doing well - our number is 07967682736

james whittaker <>
Wed, 4 Sep 02
Congratulations Sarah on the safe arrival of your daughter. The home renovations look wonderfull and I have heard so much from your Mum and Dad about the baby. They are both very proud.
Verlie Fitzgerald (dads PA)
Tue, 27 Aug 02
Congratulations on the safe arrival of Anna Rachel, she looks so beautiful. I can relate to you at the moment having minimal amount of sleep, but it is all worth the sleepless nights. A healthy baby is just wonderful, and will be rewarding. We are all looking forward to seeing the three of you at Christmas time. Your dad said that Anna will be christened here in Geelong, that will be wonderful. Nanna is very excited to see her Great Grandaughter and speaks of her often. Aaron was born on the 24 June, 2002, so Anna is only 3 weeks younger than him. I hope that you are all well and spoiling Anna lots with cuddles and kisses.
Cousin Allison, Ash and Aaron (The A Team)
Fri, 23 Aug 02
Hi Morrie and Sarah,
Congratulations on your beautiful baby daughter! She'll bring you much joy and happiness.
We were also pleased to see the pictures of your lovely home. Your hard work really paid off!
Best wishes to all!
Jim and Janet Brezina

Jim and Brezina <>
Wed, 14 Aug 02
Hi Sarah & Morrie,
I am most impressed with your gorgeous daughter....she obviously doesn't get it from you Morrie. Anyways, she's an absolute doll and we are thrilled for the 2 of you. By the way, if you think you're ever going to get a good night's sleep again (at least for the next 20 yeas), you're crazy.

Maxine <>
Thu, 1 Aug 02
Dear Morrie & Sarah,
We were so happy to hear of the birth of your daughter and the easy delivery you experienced. If you persist with the nursing, it will get easier and it is the only way to travel!

Marlene & Sheldon Wein <>
Sun, 28 Jul 02
hi guys! it's amanda in Montreal.Hope all is well. Can you send me your home address and ph no please. lots of love to the three of you
amanda coleman
Fri, 26 Jul 02
Enjoyed your stories and the photos about Tunisia - feel free to read mine. Have a look at the wide images of Ksar Ouled Soltane, I'm sure you will enjoy.

Richard <>
Tue, 18 Jun 02
Happy birthday Morrie!
(I sure do remember the damnest things.)
John R. O'Brien
Thornhill Public Library (ret'd)

John <>
Mon, 10 Jun 02
Hi Sarah and Morrie, I guess it is safe to assume that you both made it back safe and sound from Canada. Morrie, I hope you made a good recovery. I bet you were both happy to be back home and back to work. Drop a line when you can. All the best,
Marie <>
Sun, 10 Feb 02
Nancy <>
Fri, 8 Feb 02
Hi Sarah,
Reading my Mum's copy of your Mum and Dad's Christmas letter inspired me to get in touch with you.
So far I've had a look at the wedding pages. The photos are lovely. I wouldn't have recognised Elizabeth. She must have been quite young last time we all saw each other, which I think was just after I finished year 12, at the end of 1993. Brief synopsis of the last 8 years: I did a BSc Hons at ANU in Canberra (mainly genetics); got married in Germany to a German PhD student, Thomas, whom I met while we were studying at the John Curtin School of Medical Research; worked in various labs at Canberra Hospital, John Curtin, and CSIRO Entomology with lots of little tubes and bits of DNA; and am now living in Canberra with my husband and his tropical fish, working for CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences as a Science Communicator and studying Professional Writing at Canberra Uni.
I'm going to put some of my photos up at but don't hurry there as it's still a blank page at the moment!
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Love Andrea

Andrea Mettenmeyer (Gullock) <>
Sat, 29 Dec 01
Hi Morrie and Sarah
Happy Christmas, we're just setting up Lou's mum's computer on Christmas Day. It's only taken us 8 hours!
Great Site.
See you when you get back

Andy & Lou <>
Tue, 25 Dec 01
Well, what a fantastic website! I took a peak at your fab wedding pictures! Sarah, you looked gorgeous (love that dress), and Morrie, you look so happy (especially about the presents :)! )
We had a great time last night--so glad you came for dinner.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukah!
Best-Emily and Brian

Emily and Brian Denney <>
Sun, 9 Dec 01
Hi guys
amanda and scott c <amandacoleman2000@hotmail>
Wed, 1 Aug 01
Hi Sarah and Morrie!
Great to hear what you have been up to.
Could you please forward me an e-mail address so I bring you up to date with things down under.
Talk soon

Dani Airey <>
Wed, 25 Jul 01
Greetings Morrie,
Kindly provide an e-mail address so I can send along a more personalized greeting.
A fellow retired page,

Anonymous <>
Tue, 15 May 01
Hi Sarah and Morrie
How are you both? I'm coming back to London for a month in June and would really love to catch up! I don't have you're e-mail any more but please could you e-mail me at It would be such a shame to loose touch, I've got loads to tell you and want to hear about all your adventures!!
Hopefully I'll hear from you soon!

Kerry Ives <>
Mon, 30 Apr 01
very good,especielly your comments
kodo has been around many years- but you should also mention ondeko-za as it`s forerunner.try once to listen to `devils drums`album of the `80`s.with all best wishes cybercary. <>
Sun, 25 Mar 01
very good,especielly your comments <>
Sun, 25 Mar 01
We're planning to get married this year and want to get hold of Rabbi Guy Hall. If you have any success, we'd really appreciate it if you could let us have his phone number, e-mail address, etc when you find it yourselves!!
Paul and Clare <>
Tue, 20 Feb 01
Hi guys,
I finaly got around to checking out your web site, I'm impressed!!
well must go take care,
Craig & Tanya

Craig <>
Sat, 17 Feb 01
I found your site when searching for Guy Hall. Do you know his e-mail address or betterstill telephone number, as we'd like to meet with him?
Thanks Nicola
PS A great website!

Nicola <>
Mon, 15 Jan 01
Dear Sarah and Morrie,
I got your name from a Dick Vardy at the SBJC who referred me to the wedding portion of your site. I am having an interfaith marriage in Scotland next year, and would like to get in touch with your Rabbi, Guy Hall (if you approve). Could you assist me with this search? Both me and my Scottish bride to be would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you,
Ross Novie

Ross Novie <>
Wed, 20 Dec 00
Hopefully you two are about London this week. Timo and I will be at the Radison Marlborough Hotel allegedly working on November 30th through Dec.2. It would be great to meet for a pint or two (or three) and catch up.
Keep in touch and sorry about the short notice.

Dayle <>
Mon, 27 Nov 00
Sarah - you STILL haven't been in touch! What are you up to? I'm working in Auckland with Georgie, it's just like old times! My work e-mail is

Kerry Ives <>
Sun, 26 Nov 00
Hello Morrie and Sarah,
Morrie's father is here in Montreal with us and he has directed me to your amazing home page. I love it! (and not just because my name is mentionnned). Its great to see what you guys have been up to, although I think that I heard something about a trip to India? Can't wait to read about that. I will tune in often from New York to see how you are.
Warm thoughts to you both.

melissa <>
Thu, 23 Nov 00
Helloooooo again. Fantastic web page, now that I have finally had a proper look at it- have noticed though that the updates are getting fewer and farther inbetween.............. busy doing other married couple type things maybe????
amanda <>
Mon, 20 Nov 00
Someone posted a query re Ryglice, Poland.
Do/Did you have any relatives there?
Have a database of many names from there. Can share information if you would like.

Robert Bator <>
Wed, 15 Nov 00
Hi. Another Berglas right here. I'm a 13 year old from Canada. My name is David Berglas and apparently there's another David Berglas who is a magician in England. My Dad who's name is Chiam of Harold moved here from England in the 50's.
David Berglas <>
Wed, 18 Oct 00
Ah, the modern age and those who who live it to the fullest. YES! I am jealous but I am glad to see that yopu two are happy. Speaking of Happy - Lashana Tova to both of you and it was really nice to meet Sarah.
Andy Réti

Andy Réti <>
Mon, 2 Oct 00
Today i know the first time, that have other Berglas in the world. What a surprise.
Daniel Berglas, Zürich, Switzerland <>
Sat, 30 Sep 00
Hi Sarah, Alloa Morrie
How are you guys doing? Saw the pictures of your new hous: looks real great! Welldone kiddies.
Paul, baby Sam and I have moved as well. We now live in a real boring, but save suburb. If you give me your e-mail adress, I'll mail our new adress to you. You guys are very much welcome to spend some time with us in the Netherlands, but you know that, don't you?
Sam is now 9 month, the loveliest baby you have ever seen. you can take a look at our site, it has some recent pictures of him (address: mail us so we can mail you some more intimate info. okay?
We'll be in touch
(Oh, by the way, Nindy Brar is getting married tomorrow, in Calgary with an Indian Canadian named Adarashpal, I guess we are all growing up now).

Jolanda Koorevaar <>
Thu, 21 Sep 00
Hi Sarah and Morrie
Where are you Sarah? Send me an e-mail. I'm having a fab time here in NZ. After 6 months travelling I've got myself a job as an event manager for the local council youth forum, it's only for 6 weeks but really hectic and fun! Off to Auckland after this to join Miss Georgina, Auckland won't know what's hit it!! Anyway, drop me a line and tell me about life in lovely London!
See ya!

Kerry Ives <>
Mon, 18 Sep 00
Hello Sarah and Morie,
Searching for familyroots ,I found your home page. My grandmother Sarah lived in Ryglice(Poland) before WW2.Did your family came from Poland?

Leo Schinning <>
Fri, 11 Aug 00
Hello Sarah and Morrie,
I was talking on the phone to Dad and he kept saying how amazing this site was (now kathy wants to make a site just like it) and he said that i would have to visit it. It is great!! Oh by the way sarah congratulations on your big ceremony thing for you coming first with that company. Well I gotta go, love the site love always your little sister libbie

Liz McDermott <>
Tue, 25 Jul 00
Hi Morrie & Sarah
I like the new site.
I guess I'll have to get sent over there on business again so that I can check out your new flat. Stay Young... Have Fun... But avoid Tequila Shooters.

Michael Heitner <>
Tue, 13 Jun 00
here with your sister, Dani..... nice site!!!! all the best to you both!
Helene, Cass, Nancy and of course, Dani!!!!!

helene <>
Sun, 28 May 00
Hey Sarah & Morrie,
About time you updated this thing! I have been hanging out to see some photos after Kerry's rave. I hope you are as happy as you look in the pictures. Tim's next eh!! It seems everyone is doing it....dropping like flies. Anyway, all the best. Georgie

Georgina McGovern <>
Mon, 8 May 00
Hi there Sarah & Morrie,
We just received your letter. Thanks for your kind words. And to you too, congratulations! Sarah, we hardly recognized you in that smart dress. For a moment there we were afraid you had changed into a LondonLady, but thank God, no. There was our Sarah again: " '... our appartment is situated between three pubs.'
We'll come by and visit your pages every now and then. Have you visited ours and admired Sam?
We'll be in touch
Love Paul, Joey and Sammy

paul van buuren & joey koorevaar <>
Fri, 10 Mar 00
Hi Sarah and Morrie,
Fantastic to hear the news. I had a couple of great e-mails from Timand Kerry descibing a fabulous wedding. Kerry said they both dried, and Timclaimed he was stalwart throughout. Looking forward to taking a gander at some piccies on the page soon. All the best for your combined future.
Love from Georgie NZ.

Georgina McGovern <>
Fri, 21 Jan 00
Who could think that planning a wedding could be such a task? From one wedding couple to another, great home page, see you at the wedding on the 13th.
Love the Best Man and his Woman. AKA Andy & Lou xxxx

Wed, 29 Dec 99
Visiting your page was enjoyable. I wish you have written more on you boat trip to Valaam (while in Russia).
I found you page serching for information on Valaam island. How did you found the island? Was it interesting to go there? What did you like the most? Can you post some pictures of the island if you have them? By the way all your pictures I've seen on the page are wonderful! Thank you.

Natalia <>
Sun, 17 Oct 99
Hi Morrie & Sarah,
Just wanted to drop you guys a note of congratulations. Morrie, your Dad just gave me your home page address. Great news about the upcoming wedding. We wish you both all the best.
FYI - Mark is now finished school and has set up 2 practices - 1 in Maple and 1 in Newmarket. They are expecting their 1st in about 2 weeks. In case you are interested, these are Mark's addresses - and
Best wishes once again. We will continue to stay in touch via your parents.

Maxine Bergman <>
Wed, 29 Sep 99
Congradulations, you two!
Michael Heitner <>
Thu, 16 Sep 99
Hi its Jo ex DCA (hooray no more of the wicked humpty witch, left DCA in June still very excited about the move!)
Hello there - long time no speak. Big news I hear, really excited for you and hope all your plans over the next few months aren't too stressful. Where are the pictures of the big sparkler then?
I'm now working for a company called Original Concept and the job here is going really well, similar to DCA in that its events but much better more fun parties, conferences oversees and incentive programmes. Its really refreshing to be in a place with proper accounting and management procedures and also to be rewarded if you reach your sales targets (propably getting a bit ahead of myself there as I've only just been set them - but you can dream!)
Where are you going to get married? and are you going to stay in the UK? Hope things are going well for both of you and update me on any gossip!
Big Russ is doing well, my sisters babay is now 6 months and massive, and my brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in Jan 2000. (no not going there myself just yet!)
spk soon
Jo Chipperfield

Joanna Chipperfield <>
Wed, 15 Sep 99
hi its amanda and steve, will write soon
amanda <>
Thu, 9 Sep 99
Hi guys -its me, will write soon
Thu, 9 Sep 99
Dear Morrie,
Just logged on to your web site. Very interesting and professional. Couldn't agree with you more about your rating of the Truman Show. Rhona and I actually walked out about half way through. Your parents, Dave, Hessie and Mindy are all visiting us at this time. Hope you will too sometime soon.
Congratulations on your upcomming marriage.
Syd & Rhona

Syd & Rhona Abramowitz <>
Sun, 5 Sep 99
Hey Morrie + Sarah..
I just happened upon your page while sifting through Webcrawler's results on "Brezina". Weird, eh? Glad to read all is well in London. Congrats on the engagement! See you over here in October?

Steve Brezina <>
Thu, 12 Aug 99
Hello Morrie and Sarah
I've actually just had a break in work for the first time in 3 months to catch up with your web site. Cool to hear you may be looking for a flat - I may be going down that slippery slope myself soon! It is expensive though and there's two of you!! We must meet up for a drink soon!
See ya!
PS: I agree with Georgie - new pics please! Where are the ones of Tunisia
PPS: Morocco was wonderful - you'd both love it, particularly the mountains!

Kerry Ives
Wed, 28 Jul 99
I,m searching for family. They were Jews living in the surrounding of Tarnow ( Poland ). Are you family?
Leo Schinning <>
Sun, 25 Jul 99
Hi Sarah & Morrie. Great to see what you've been up to. I think you need to go somewhere exotic again soon so I can see some NEW photos. Don't tell me that you're bored with updating the ol' homepage?!
Georgina McGovern <>
Fri, 25 Jun 99
we are sending this to you from The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA Hello!!!!!! Talk to you soon kawika
Kawika @love <tm62897@aol>
Mon, 21 Jun 99
Greetings and I hope to hear from you soon.
Regards, John

John R. O'Brien <>
Thu, 3 Jun 99
Your Dad is as usual drinking red wine!!!
Dave Dunlop <>
Sun, 25 Apr 99
Hi Morrie, hi Sarah,
best wishes from fuckin' rainin' Hamburg! I hope all's well with you guys. Went to your web site for the first time. Now I know why Morrie doesn't write me anymore: you publish everything on the web!
Well, besides staying in touch by electronic means, I hope to see ya again. You're always welcome in Dominique's and mine apartment in Hamburg! Keep in touch,
Spengelweg 26
D-20257 Hamburg
TEL +49-40-85080923
FAX +49-40-85080924

Heiko "Hikes" <>
Wed, 14 Apr 99
Hello from amanda [I finally got in]
amanda <amandac2d@hotmail>
Wed, 14 Apr 99
Found your page while searching for places to stay in Barcelona. ( Any hints on places, we would like to stay for a month or so.) I was there once on business, and have talked about the wonders of Barcelona so much that my wife has to spend some time there, too.
Well done page and great photos. ( Yours of the dragon in Parque Guell is much better than the one I took of it a few years ago.)
Thanks, s/martin lively

Martin Lively <>
Sat, 10 Apr 99
I feel very chuffed as I've been mentioned again (birthday drinks!) Why weren't you there Morrie? I haven't seen you for ages. The web page is as groovey as ever!
See you both soon!

Kerry <>
Tue, 6 Apr 99
Thank you for the card you sent after Ann's passing away - I did appreciate it. (Peter is typing this.) I am sending a few days here in Canberra for Easter. we've been to see the Howells at their property - it was lovely to see them all again. It was good to see Sarah - Philip wasn't there. We saw the olive trees, the horses ( areal surprise for Sam!!!!)
We're interested in hearing of your Yorkshire Holiday - let us know. My sister and I spent many holidays in Yorkshire where my Aunt Doris lived. I even have my photograph from where it was taken on Ilkley Moor 'baht at'.
I'm happy to hear you are happy and doing a lot of travelling visiting lots of interesting places. It good to be young and to do all these things.
Looking fiorward to hearing from you.

Nana Mc
Mon, 5 Apr 99
hi Sarah & Morrie
Love the web site. You would nt believe it your the first person I know with a web site. Jason and I are heading to the "cool Britain" in December Hopefully we can come and see you soon Love Robyn
We'll have heaps to catch up on.

Robyn Boreham <>
Wed, 24 Mar 99
Hello Sarah. this is Jill from Australia. You will remember me as a friend of mum and dad's from Navy days. I hear you are off to the States soon so I hope you enjoy the Big Apple. I was there in 1970, so I guess it has changed a little since then. Say hello to Morrie and I hope it is not long until we meet him. <>
Fri, 12 Mar 99
Great website ! I came to it via lock,stock and barrel review which I hope arrives in usa really soon. I live in california but originally from Watford where my Dad still lives. Been here 20 years. I guess times have really changed.Are there any semiconductor fabs in south England ? Thats my line of business, and I would jump at any excuse to relocate ! I made a personal website for my daughter but still needs work.
mark sawyer <>
Tue, 9 Mar 99
Sorry that I couldn't visit for long, but I will have a good look around the site when I get back to my place. We had a really great evening last night for Peters birthday. It was very relaxing and the weather was perfect too.
See you later.
Love from Auntie Margaret

Margaret Peaurt <>
Sat, 6 Mar 99
Your page is way out date.
Luv, Dad <>
Sun, 28 Feb 99
After several months I have finally go round to checking out the web page. Actually, I have yet to get any further than what I've already read - if that makes sense.
Hope you're both well.

Tim Read <>
Fri, 26 Feb 99
Tue, 2 Feb 99
Y'all have a great homepage. I was searching on the 'net for more information about Morrie Swartzka, who died of Motor Neuron Disease (since I'm suffering from the same thing.) So I accidently found your Morrie page.
It was delightful. Well-composed pictures, too.
Ken Crawford, Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

Ken Crawford <>
Mon, 25 Jan 99
Dear sarah,
You haven't updated your site for a while!!!!
Hope youre well. We just had a weekend in sydney. Elizabeth is staying on for another week with Katherine. We had a drink for you both as we sat under the stars in the Sydney Domain last night with 125,000 others for a night of symphony and fireworks.
Love from Dad

Sun, 17 Jan 99
Hi Sarah,
I was curious about photos of you on the internet so had to have a look. Thanks for the Christmas card. Not much news to tell, Troy and I are moving soon and are getting married in April. That's about it. Sounds like you have a very exciting life

Gayle Marven
Fri, 8 Jan 99
Hi Sarah
It's us... Sarah & Philip. Got your X-mas card with the adress on it so I thought I would pay a visit. The site looks great! Yeah we have e-mail so I'll put it in the space below, the Home page URL doesn't have anything interesting in it at the moment but that will change soon.
Anyway we are of to Christmas lunch with your family, So wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... will e-mail you soon.
Love the Howells.

Howells <>
Fri, 25 Dec 98
Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year.
Love mum & Dad, Elizabeth, Katherine & Sam.

Dad <>
Thu, 24 Dec 98
Just reading the recent update of your website - and it is amazing!! I would have browsed longer - I'd never heard of the movie C.U.B.E. and wanted to see the site you recommended, but Dad is hassling. Merry Christmas to both of you, and a Happy New Year. I hope that my present reached you. How was Canada? Next time I connect I want to read about what you thought of the Hanuka, sarah. Missing you, and hoping to hear from you soon. Kathy...
Kathy McD <>
Thu, 24 Dec 98
Hello from Canada where we only just got snow this week (Dec.19, 22) Hope you have a good Christmas, wish I was there. S
Seana <>
Tue, 22 Dec 98
Sarah and Morrie
Cheers for immortalising me on 'the net'! You made me sound really popular with my 'heaps of friends'. Morrie - I'm glad you failed to mentioned my pissed state and that I went on to you for half an hour about how great Sarah is!!!
Love, your goon friend

Kerry Ives
Fri, 18 Dec 98
Dear Sarah,
Hi! I am back from Timbertop and enjoying my summer holidays in Canberra. Dad says to tell you that I got a doulble distinction in Debating, Running, Geography, Japanese, Sociology, Citizenship. I'll write to you later. Have fun in Canada.
Love Always, your littlest sister Elizabeth.

Elizabeth McDermott
Fri, 11 Dec 98
Hey guys, its Brandon
Send me an email so that I can get your email address. I don't think you'll read your web page feedback.....

Brandon Lappin <>
Fri, 11 Dec 98
Hello all,
When "red" Ken was head of the GLC (in effect mayor of Greater London)in the early 80's, before the post and institution were considered too powerful (at least in the hands of a left winger)and abolished by Maggie, he proposed the restriction of heavy road transport into the city, improvements in public transport, and started a cheap ticket system for public transport throughout London (stopped in the law courts by Maggies henchmen). In hindsight do these sound unreasonable actions??? Please comment and argue!!!!
Cheers frank (2)
PS. The offices of the old GLC were directly opposite the houses of parliament(on the south bank) and Ken used to display a banner on the roof pointing across the river with the latest unemployment figures writ large.

frank wright <>
Tue, 8 Dec 98
Just 'cause we're not working together down't mean we can't drink together... JJ
Jon Jenkins <>
Sun, 22 Nov 98
The DR. was here!
David <>
Sun, 22 Nov 98
We're at the McD house in Canberra for an overnight stay. Lots of chatter and catching up. I've enjoyed your home page Sarah and send our love and greetings from Australia. We have such fond memories of the times we spent together as families with you girs getting on so well. Remember the dress ups and the autumn leaves at Cotter!
Helen and Allen Truslove
Sun, 22 Nov 98
Hey Morrie and Sarah,
It's been a while since we've been in touch, but your home page makes it easy for me to keep up with your gallivanting. How do you find time for all that home page maintenance, travel and pint guzzling? I hope you'll plan a trip to Vancouver. You'd love it -- it's cold and rainy here too!
XOX Mindy

Mindy Abramowitz <>
Tue, 17 Nov 98
Like the film reviews
Frank(2) <>
Mon, 16 Nov 98
Hi Sarah, I am the new victim at DCA and the kind staff here advised me to look at your very impressive web-site. I understand you have gone into medical PR and Kerry tells me you are a genius. I certainly have appreciated your efficient filing - a pity you didn't give your collegues some tips on how to do it too!
Take care

Matthew Bell <>
Fri, 13 Nov 98
This is the third message today! Great to read all your news.

Peter & Heather <>
Wed, 11 Nov 98
Hi I am Kris and i'm from New Zealand.
I found your page while sufing. love your movie reviews. Great homepage.
Have a pint for me.

kris <>
Wed, 11 Nov 98
Hi Morrie, sorry it's taken me so long to sign... I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful birthday message you left on my answering machine. I loved it, and have saved it in the archives. By the way, I also received the cards you sent by mail and E-mail. Thanks. I will send you a more detailed E-mail sometime soon. Been extremely busy at work. Hi to Sarah, and I'll talk to you soon.
Love Dani

Daniella Berglas <>
Mon, 9 Nov 98
Hi Morrie,
Great pictures! An amusing view of Blighty!

Fri, 6 Nov 98
It's wonderful to know you're doing so well and are so well-travelled. Hope everything is well with you. By the way Morrie, except for the hair, can't miss your outstanding resemblance to your dad....
All the best,
Larry and Shaeri and Lori Reinsilber
(via Lori's computer....what a blast from the past huh?!?!?)

Lori <>
Wed, 4 Nov 98
Hello Sarah, hope you remember the Pughs from San Jose/Moffett Field.
Just got the email from your Father, with your Webpage URL, I do believe he is somewhat proud of you ;-)
Of course we had not hear from him in Months, which he tried covering up with the Old "Lost your email address" trick. I must remember to chastise him for that.
Sounds like, Looks like you are have a Wonderful Life, great, enjoy.
Love Bill and AnnaBelle

Bill Pugh <>
Sun, 25 Oct 98
Sarah and Morrie - I am number 225. Just some hot chicky babe living in Sydneys beautiful Eastern Suburbs (well, the place of residence is true enough at least). I'm incredibly impressed with your home page!! Hope to have one up myself ... soon. Or perhaps Morrie could help me out when next, no matter when, I see you? Missing you Sarah.....
Kate McDermott (little sis! the actually smaller one) <>
Sun, 25 Oct 98
Wow!! This is great. Cool Web page dudes. You guys know how to rock.
Where are you going next??

Simon Oliver Doff.
Fri, 23 Oct 98
I am in awe of the "genius-ness" of it all!!!
Kerry Ives <>
Fri, 23 Oct 98
Hey you guys...this is one incredible web page. I think you two are having entirely too much fun and travelling just a little bit too much. Cut that out.
Talk to you soon. Love,

Dayle Prowse <>
Tue, 20 Oct 98
Hey, you kids ! I hope you having lots of fun.Rock n' Roll !!!
Gary Birshtein <>
Tue, 20 Oct 98
I'm the owner of the e-mail address from which kawika sends his messages.
Randy Plett <>
Fri, 16 Oct 98
Lorenz (not Laurenz) visited immedeatly after getting the adress (and is very excited about being mentioned)!
Despite the fact that you are abusing my investigative skills to excuse your interest in this man´s perverted story.
Anyway, love your page and will get in touch soon (currently being superbusy )

Lorenz Seidler <>
Wed, 14 Oct 98
Great web page. Are you guys planning on visiting us any time soon? Reading about what you're up to is still not the same as seeing you in person, but sure helps to know that things are going great. Congratulations on the new job Sarah! I hope everything works out for the two of you.
Take good care,

Kon Kizunov <>
Tue, 13 Oct 98
Now she's hit the big time - in the goog ole UK (spologies to the Beatles).
What a hoot - loved your site. I can now keep up without spending a fortune on phone bills - just kidding.
Luv, Pete & Heather <>
Tue, 13 Oct 98
Hi Mozz and Sarah,
Cool. Good to see you both again, even if it is just a photo of both of you. Great idea. This is a great way to catch up with you both. Maybe one day, I'll follow suit.
Love always,

Jennifer Salvana <>
Tue, 13 Oct 98
Hi, there,
Carrie told us about your web site and gave us the address. We will be arriving in London soon. Watch for our e-mail. Very good web site. David & Mindy say Hi.

Hessie <>
Tue, 13 Oct 98
Really enjoyed reading the new entry to your web page and will of course, stay tuned for additional news.
Mary and Harry
Tue, 13 Oct 98
Hi guys, remember me??? Jensy has given me your homepage address - what a great idea... VERY JEALOUS that you have visited Russia before me. It's definitely one of the destinations which rates high on mine and Matt's travel list. We may have to suffer in South Africa and Mauritius first when we take our honeymoon, although that won't be for a while yet (April 2000). Hope to hear from you soon...

Robyn Luke <>
Tue, 13 Oct 98
Okay guys,
I know it has been fifteen million years, but thanks for the email regarding your web site. It is really cool. I didn't realize you had been to Russia at all. You appartment looks beautiful. Congratulations, Sarah, on your new job. I hope it is going well. I think my parents are going to London pretty soon, although, being a good daughter, I can't remember when exactly. I have had a good dose of procrastination so I'll write more later.

Carrie Abramowitz <>
Tue, 13 Oct 98
Welcome to our guestbook! The guestbook was started on October 11th. Remember that guestbook entries can be read by anyone. Thanks for reading this!
Sarah and Morrie <>
Sun, 11 Oct 98

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