Anna Rachel ... September 2002, First Smiles

I strongly feel that babies are born with fully developed personalities. It just takes us some time to get to know who our babies are, as it would with any complete stranger who can't speak your language.

So, we've taken a big step forward in making contact. Anna is smiling at us. She smiled at me when I approached her rocker and smiled at Morrie when she woke up in our bed. Her magical smile causes us to beam. It is wonderful to know that she is happy, as until now we're had no idea how she is feeling. It is especially rewarding to know we've created her moment of happiness.

Anna is beginning to sleep longer at night, but is becoming much more demanding during the day, so I'm still as exhausted as before. I'm spending a lot of time holding Anna and rocking, jigging and dancing to soothe her cries. The soundtrack to Pulp Fiction works well, as does music by the B-52s, Robert Palmer, Jefferson Airplane and the Eurythmics - really any music with more than 60 beats per minute, so completely forget 'rock a bye baby'.

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