Anna Rachel ... January 2003

Independence, for both Anna and I, arrived the day Anna could confidently sit unsupported. Anna can happily sit for an hour or so on the floor surrounded by her toys, which she bangs together, chews and throws away. As long as I'm in the room and push all her toys back closer to her every 5 minutes, Anna relishes her liberty. I love the fact that I can make lunch, eat lunch and stack the dishwasher afterwards, without Anna strapped to my body in her sling.

With her new found freedom, Anna has steered her granddad's MGA (parked), splashed in the paddling pool, smeared banana all over her highchair and taken items of the supermarket shelf from in her pushchair. I'm enjoying the brief respite until Anna begins crawling...

Next week, the autonomy grows. I start back at work two days a week and Anna will spend those days with an experienced childminder and another little girl. Where did my tiny little baby, who spend all day cuddling against me, go?

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