Anna Rachel ... Second Week, Interview With a New Mom

For everyone clambering to meet my daughter, Anna, attached are a few pictures as a preview. The first morning in the hospital, when all the new mums wheeled their babies into the breakfast room, I realised that Anna looks exactly like every other newborn baby - a mix between Yoda and Winston Churchill. I had to make a note of exactly where I parked her crib, as I was worried I otherwise wouldn't be able to pick her out of the line-up. Eight days on and I'm still not sure I could.

The best part of having a new baby is that she is perfectly designed for cuddling. Her face is fascinating to watch, as she constantly changes expressions, her body is warm and soft and her intoxicating newborn scent drives both Morrie and I to want to hold onto her forever. Even desperately tired at 4am I was reluctant to put her down, all I wanted to do is cuddle.

At the moment, Anna is feeding around 7 times a day, each time for about an hour. As I'm still a learner breast feeder, I need to use both hands - so for around 7 hours within each 24 I sit on the sofa with my arms full of baby. Feeding Anna is a full time job.

Sleep, I'm grabbing in 1-2 hour snatches - hopefully this will improve as Anna gets a little bigger and is able to sleep for longer. I also spend a lot of time awake - while she is asleep - waiting for her to wake up for a feed or listening to make sure she is still breathing. Soon sleep deprivation will force me to be a little more relaxed.

At the moment, my life is very, very different - challenging and tiring, but worth it for the feelings of love and fascination I experience every time I look at Anna's face or hold her against me.

Thanks for all your warm wishes and support. I'm sure I'm going to need them in challenging moments to come.

Who's the daddy!

Don't come any closer, she says!

Where's my food!!!

What an adorable little pipsqueak.

She can sleep in the most interesting of positions.

I'm sure that's where the book said to put the thermometer.

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